Meet our Intern

Have you noticed the recent witty posts on our social media pages and Meet who’s behind it all, our new PeteFest marketing intern, Taylor Mahlinger! Learn more about her with the interview below!

What is your background and Affiliation?

I grew up in Owensboro, Kentucky before leaving for Lexington, KY where I currently attend Transylvania University as a sophomore! I’m majoring in Writing/Rhetoric/Communication and minoring in Music Performance. Along with being the Arts and Entertainment Editor for Transy’s campus newspaper, The Rambler, I work at our campus library, and provide live music for Transy’s Disciples of Christ student organization.

My friend Jenna and I singing for Transy’s DOC Church service!

I also help my younger sister run her bakery business Southern Secrets Pastries and Desserts during the summertime and do marketing all year ‘round! Family is something that is really important to me, so it’s wonderful working with my sister. She originally started this business as a way to help me pay for college!

My sister Mackenzie and I in front of our booth at The Farmer’s Market!

What is/are your passion(s)?

Music and writing, definitely. Growing up, I never went day without somehow incorporating music into my daily life, and it’s always been something I’ve put a lot of my time towards. Creating music and writing, whether it’s writing songs or novels, are two of my absolute favorite things. I even have my guitar here with me at school!

Another passion of mine is definitely food….I’m a huge foodie, haha. I always say, nothing is worth more than a great meal and good company together. And going off of that, I know I have a passion for helping people that I recently discovered, and a love for life itself.

Why PeteFest and Youth Mental Health Advocacy?

I’ve seen too many of my friends suffer silently and not get the help they needed at the time. Mental health advocacy is something that hits close to home because I almost lost one of my best friends to suicide recently. I think it’s extremely important to help people become more aware of all the resources that are available out there and that they aren’t alone in their struggle. The Pete Foundation and PeteFest stand for something that I hold dear to my heart and something that I strongly believe in. I want to help empower the youth of today and dedicate my time to a good cause.

Out with Young and Christine from PeteFest marketing team to see Langhorne slim at the Burl

What are your wishes/goals from this internship?

Hopefully through this internship I can improve my marketing skills while making real-world connections and advocating for mental health awareness in the process. I want to help make a difference in the world and I feel like this internship gives me the opportunity to do so.

What is something quirky about yourself?

No joke, I love popcorn more than anyone else you’ve ever met. There’s literally a photo of me when I was about three or four years old sitting with my dad, eating a giant bowl of popcorn! I have a huge box of popcorn in my dorm room because I can’t study without it! It’s my motivation, hahaha. Finish work, then you get popcorn.