Curio Key Club

Equally inspired by rock, fusion, funk and pop, CURIO KEY CLUB has garnered praise as a band capable of shape shifting through genres. A little bit boss, a little Clarence Clemons, the band has loose tendencies, technical proficiency and a rock and roll swagger.
Frontman, saxophonist and singer Drew Miller spent much of 2015 playing, touring and recording with Bonnie Prince Billy and has been playing, recording and touring with Houndmouth since 2016, along with CKC tenor saxophonist Graeme Gardiner. In addition to Houndmouth and BPB, the bands’ musical family tree is broad, with members currently playing in Small Time Napoleon, Bridge 19, Roadie, Appalatin, Swing 39, Billy Goat Strut Review and KGB. They also moonlight as alter ego FELA BOOTY, a highlife dance party band.

Their newest ep, ZEN AMERICA (march 2018) highlights a continued musical evolution of “experimental indie pop” ,as described by Jake Hellman of never-, and showcases the band’s energy and musical sensitivity.

ZEN AMERICA was recorded, mixed and produced by Houndmouth’s Shane Cody @shanebows at his Greenhouse studio in New Albany In.

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