Son Volt

Seminal  band Son  Volt has announced  the February 17, 2017  release of their new album,  Notes Of Blue (Thirty Tigers).  Led by the songwriting and vocals  of Jay Farrar, Son Volt was one of  the most instrumental and influential bands  in launching the movement of the 1990’s.  A movement that was the precursor to what is now widely  referred to as Americana.

The  10 songs  on Notes Of  Blue are inspired  by the spirit of the  blues, but not the standard  blues as most know it. The unique  and haunting tunings of Mississippi Fred  McDowell, Skip James and Nick Drake were all  points of exploration for Farrar for the new collection.  The album opens with the country soul of “Promise The World”,  followed by “Back Against The Wall”, a song that could stand alongside  the great Son Volt songs of their early albums. However, Notes Of Blue reflects  the blues as it resides in the folk tradition, but heavily amplified. The primal stomp  of “Cherokee Girl”, the frenetic guitar on “Static” and the raw slide in “Sinking Down” exude  grit and attitude. Conversely, tracks such as “The Storm”and “Cairo and Southern” seamlessly meld  blues with hypnotic melodies that add a unique balance to Notes Of Blue.

Farrar  possesses  one of the  most distinctive  voices in roots, rock,  country or any genre. He  exudes a soulful longing combined  with a wise-beyond-his-years command  that is as arresting and compelling as  ever. As a songwriter, Farrar’s depth and  poetic penchant has been the foundation of a  thoughtful, deep and intelligent body of work. Both  attributes are on full display on Notes Of Blue, as  he touches on themes of redemption and the common struggle,  both of which are at the core of the blues.

Whether  you call  it, Americana,  roots rock, insurgent country  or just good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll,  musical trends appear and disappear  on regular basis. Notes of Blue is  a testament to the legacy of inspiration  and creative spirit that Jay Farrar and Son  Volt continue to uphold.


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