We are so excited to announce the second incarnation of our headlining event, and what we hope will become a defining tradition at PeteFest: a cover-to-cover performance of an amazing album, featuring a phenomenal cast of Louisville musicians!

PeteFest and Curio Key Club Present:

Stop Making Sense

The Talking Heads’ 1984 live album performed in its entirety featuring:

Bonnie Prince Billy, Cheyenne Mize, Scott Carney

“This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no fooling around.”


Curio Key Club

Equally inspired by rock, fusion, funk and pop, CURIO KEY CLUB has garnered praise as a band capable of shape shifting through genres. A little bit boss, a little Clarence Clemons, the band has loose tendencies, technical proficiency and a rock and roll swagger.

Frontman, saxophonist and singer Drew Miller spent much of 2015 playing, touring and recording with Bonnie Prince Billy and has been playing, recording and touring with Houndmouth since 2016, along with CKC tenor saxophonist Graeme Gardiner. In addition to Houndmouth and BPB, the bands’ musical family tree is broad, with members currently playing in Small Time Napoleon, Bridge 19, Roadie, Appalatin, Swing 39, Billy Goat Strut Review and KGB. They also moonlight as alter ego FELA BOOTY, a highlife dance party band.

Their newest ep, ZEN AMERICA (march 2018) highlights a continued musical evolution of “experimental indie pop” ,as described by Jake Hellman of never-, and showcases the band’s energy and musical sensitivity. ZEN AMERICA was recorded, mixed and produced by Houndmouth’s Shane Cody @shanebows at his Greenhouse studio in New Albany In.


Bonnie Prince Billy

The man who acts under the name Will Oldham and sings and composes under the name Bonnie “Prince” Billy has, over the past quarter-century, made an idiosyncratic journey through, and an indelible mark on, the worlds of indie rock and independent cinema. With his highly individualistic approach to music making and the music industry, one that cherishes intimacy, community, mystery, and spontaneity; his brilliance has captivated fans and made Bonny one of our most influential and beloved songsmiths.

His music has consistently used the musical framework of vintage folk and country as a vehicle for his songs imaging the joys and failings of human nature. The literacy and emotional power of his songs have been constant in his recorded work, and he’s grown from being an interesting outlier in alt-country to a respected figure in folk and roots music circles.


Cheyenne Mize

Mize introduced herself internationally with the 10″ release Among the Gold (2009) with Bonnie Prince Billy – a collection of late 19th-century American parlor music. After touring with Bonnie Prince Billy, Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore, Cheyenne released her first solo album, Before Lately (2010), on sonaBLAST! Records An EP, We Don’t Need (2012), and another full-length album, Among the Grey (2013), followed on Yep Roc Records along with several national tours with her band. Mize also has a passion for traditional music and has released three records with counterparts Joan Shelley and Julia Purcell as Maiden Radio – one self-titled Maiden Radio (2010), one called Lullabies (2011), and the latest Wolvering (2015).


Scott Carney

Scott Carney is a producer, cinematographer and musician behind psych rock band Wax Fang. Wax Fang began as a solo project with 2005’s albume-ette of quirky pop songs. Black & Endless Night, was manifested into a power trio for both 2007’s neo-classic rock non-cept album, La La Land, and 2012’s brooding Mirror, Mirror EP before becoming a two piece recording project for 2014’s space-rock opera, The Astronaut.

2017 finds Wax Fang with in its most realized form, with bassist/ co-producer Corey McAfee, keyboard wizard, Zach Driscoll, and drummer, Dave Chale. Scott has toured extensively in the United States and Europe, most notably with My Morning Jacket, Spoon, Man Man, The Whigs and Dr. Dog. His music has appeared in television and film, including Seth McFarland’s American Dad.